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New Beginning (introduction)

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It was March 2, 2013 when I first saw Jomar Hilario at Bo Sanchez’ Trulyrich Club Wealth Summit. Although I’ve heard him a few times on his webinar every monday, still this was an awesome time.

At the conclusion of his portion, I grab the opportunity to talk to him and says “I’m passionate at video editing and stuff like that, what would you recommend me do so that I can also be successful?”  and his reply was “you do V.A. (virtual assistant)” or in tagalog, his exact words were “Mag V.A. ka” Then comes my follow-up question, the big HOW??  “March 16 will be my next V.A. seminar” he announced “do attend.”

And the moment Jomar says March 16, -Oh no! There’s a conflict already.. the same date was our film fest in our church activities and I’ve prepared so much for that activity. I’ve been editing our shortfilm entry and I planned not to miss the showing.

So I decided not to go to the V.A. seminar. One week later after the Wealth Summit, I received an email from Jomar announcing again the March 16 V.A. seminar and what caught my attention was the “DOWNLOADABLE” edition.. An option made available for those people who can’t come on the said date especially those people abroad. I am not working abroad but this was perfect for me so I purchased the seminar.

I set the schedule to watch the seminar and listen carefully and attentively.  After the seminar, I was excited but when I print the list of the V.A. assignments _ I was overwhelmed. I thought it was too many! especially the 10 tutorials with 100! (whoa) 100 slides each!! A thought of ‘not-doing-this’ came to me as what always (emphasis added) happen to me when I feel overwhelmed.

But thanks to the Wealth Summit.. One day, when I was browsing my notes I came across to one of my writings

You don’t need to be GREAT to start… but you need to start in order to be GREAT!!

this really struck me and also the fact that I paid for this seminar. I must put VALUE to it. And from that moment, I decided to begin my V.A. work. I set my goals and off I go.


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