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How to use Audacity

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The first software tutorial that I made was Audacity. By the way, most of the tools I’ve chosen were softwares that i do not know anything about.. (except for a few like Moviemaker and Animoto since I am a video editor). I do that in purpose because I wanted to learn something new. Although, there was a temptation to really do a software tutorial I’m good at .. because it will be much easier.

Anyway, back to Audacity _ this is not the first time I encountered the software .. I’ve been using this for recording purposes only but when I do the tutorial I understand the software better. I discover other features, techniques and shortcut keys. It was like I was using a mobile device for the purpose of texting only, not knowing it can surf the net, play games, used as a camera etc.

I was really slow doing my first tutorial, but I managed to do it and was surprised to make it to a hundred slides (and more). After doing this, it gives me a sense of accomplishment which boost my excitement to do the next tutorial and to finish them all!

Let’s dive in and learn more about Audacity!


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