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Ancient Secret of KINGS

Ancient Secrets of Kings derives valuable life lessons and success stories from ancient king’s lives and combines it in the form of a self-improvement video course that can transform your life. It helped me bring about a positive change in my life and showed me the way to success. Here are some of my experiences with this video course:

The Three Pillars
The video transformation course is divided into three pillars, namely Egypt, China, and Israel.

The first pillar is China. It focuses on the ancient kings of China and Great Wall of China to prove the importance of setting boundaries. If you do not define boundaries, you are vulnerable to foreign attacks. Some success factors are also discussed in this pillar, such as increasing productivity, eliminating negative thoughts and procrastination while following a schedule for routine tasks. Furthermore, this pillar also emphasizes optimization and organization of your life. This will help you save more time for the things you love.

Egypt is my favorite of the three pillars and the one I found the most interesting. This pillar discusses how you can bring drastic and revolutionary changes in your life that can go a long way towards reshaping your lives. The beauty lies in how the pillar connects the ancient king’s secrets and justifies the fact that these secrets are quite applicable even in today’s era. What’s more, you can learn secrets of the pharaohs, finding out how they controlled and managed their global empire for hundreds of years.

Israel teaches one of the most important lessons and shows you the way towards maintaining peace in your life and in the environment around you. Additionally, Israel focuses on money and provides you direction on how you can become financial stable and avoid money problems throughout your life. It also teaches you a few things about love. It acts as a guideline to help you get both money and love at the same time in your life, and convert your life into a dream life.

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Major Concepts

Some of the important concepts elaborated in the video course are given below:

Set Boundaries and Organize
The theme of the first pillar revolves around the concept of setting boundaries for protecting your internal assets from foreign attacks. Creating boundaries acts as a two-edged sword: it not only protects against external threats but also helps in organizing and eliminating distractions. China compels you to optimize your life and increase productivity if you want to achieve success.

Opportunities and Risks
Another important life lesson featured in the course is to pounce on every opportunity that comes your way. If you want to be successful in today’s fast-paced world, you should stay one step ahead. You will be amazed to know that even ancient kings who lived thousands of years ago took advantage of this proactive principle.

It also tells you how you can turn the tables against risks and use them to your advantage, just as Hatshepsut did during her reign. While she was preparing Thutmose III for his reign, she wore a male king’s attire to indicate her leadership status. When she left, Egypt was a prosperous country. She focused on channelizing the energies and resources in the right direction and delivered outstanding results. Common examples of people taking risks and succeeding are Donald Trump, Ray Kroc and Oprah Winfrey. The secret is that they took calculated risks which paid off big time.

Take Advantage of Available Resources
We only complain about lack of resources and that is one of the reasons for our downfall. According to this interesting video course, you should focus more on taking advantage of the resources you have instead of wasting time complaining about the resources you lack. Whether it is tangible resources or intangible resources, you should utilize them to the fullest. Skills, ideas, people, and knowledge are non-physical assets you can use to change your fortunes.

Overall, the video transformation course is worth your time, effort, and money because it teaches you the success secrets of ancient kings in a completely different way, which you can use to achieve your goals in today’s world. It is easy to understand the concepts and ideas thanks to the examples provided. Even a beginner can learn these important lessons and use them in their routine life to succeed.

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How to start your own Business – Negosyo, Now Na! Workshop

A promotional Video I made for an entrepreneur, KC Macapagal, President of MakeYouRich, Inc. to promote his Business Workshop helping people to jumpstart their business.

Featuring Nath Reyes

Last August 2013, a lot of things happened and the highlights for these events was that I was featured twice in Jomar Hilario’s Blog.

Wait. wait . wait! Who is Jomar Hilario??

Hmmm.. He is my mentor. my Online Marketing Mentor who teaches me how to be VALUABLE and to acquire the mindset of a true entrepreneur and to be equipped with the skills I need with this Online Business.

and this was the blogposts.

Jomar Hilario Virtual Assistant Seminar: A Scam??

The Winning Photo in the Passion Photo Contest run last August of 2013


How To Spot Winners In Jomar Hilario’s Virtual Assistant Seminar

Nath Reyes attending the Virtual Assistant Seminar meeting his mentor Jomar Hilario

Sha Nacino Financial Success Seminar

I made this promotional Video for an author and a motivational speaker (Sha Nacino) to promote her ever-first financial Success seminar.

Top Jobseeker by


September is a good start for me because last August I was awarded by a Labor Day Special Badge for being one of the Top Jobseeker! Qualifications for these badge is acquiring a favorable rate in taking the english exam and having a quality wordpress blogsite. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your business growth.

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Join the Online Mentoring Club!!

After attending my first few lessons on a new course I bought a few weeks ago —  (Video Genesis)  , I wanted to apply  immediately the lessons learned there!! And as an active member of Jomar Hilario’s mastery group, I want to promote the upcoming Online course of Jomar which is “The Online Mentoring Club 3.0” in which I became a member by winning the Passion- Photo-editing Contest conducted also by Sir Jomar.  Now, if you’re also interested in joining the club and learn more about Online Marketing, WATCH THIS VIDEO!! Enjoy!


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